Monday, 12 August 2019

How Smart Agriculture Is Going To Change The World?

The recent times have seen IoT make its way into domains like fitness, home automation, logistics, etc. One of the most incredible digital trends off-late, the Internet of Things has imbued itself into many small and big activities belonging to a variety of business verticals. 

And with the outburst in growth, it was not going to take too long before IoT integrated with agriculture - the heart and soul of human sustenance! Long gone are the days of physically toiling in the fields and struggling to plant crops right. With IoT integrated, agriculture will become more data-driven and will be able to better results while simultaneously reducing human strain! 

Back in the day, plowing had to be done by hand, then came tractors and eased the task. The agricultural domain has seen a number of innovations, and IoT is the latest and greatest on this list! With a variety of smart gadgets and internet-driven applications, everything from analysis to physical work has been bettered drastically.

IoT In Agriculture

Here Are 4 Incredible Benefits Of IoT In Agriculture:

1) Data Generation: 

One of the most powerful elements of today's digitized era is data. Data can enable and empower businesses like no other! In the field of agriculture, data will help you analyze how the weather is and plant accordingly, or analyze crop trends to see which one is trending in the markets. 

2) Risk Reduction: 

With IoT integrated and live data to work with, you can avoid a number of production risks. In the agricultural domain, risks tend to arise due to human errors more so than technical errors. Either a crop isn't watered on time or the harvesting period has been crossed - such events have huge consequences, and they can be avoided with IoT integration.  

3) Waste Reduction: 

When you have data that shows how much harvest will be produced, how many resources are required for their production and how to best approach the market - money, time and effort are saved while waste is reduced massively. 

4) Increase In ROI: 

IoT empowers your agri-biz with efficient data management, risk reduction and waste minimization, and all of this ultimately leads to a boost in ROI. 

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